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Tips to Improve Your Resume in 2022

Although where and how we work has changed drastically over the past 2 years with the rise of remote work and digital meeting spaces, there’s still no replacement for a good resume.

No matter which position you are applying for, you still need a concise, professional resume to attract the attention of hiring managers. Here are a few tips to help you submit a resume that will help you land an interview and get your foot in the door.

Revise your contact information.

Nowadays, hiring managers want to see your LinkedIn profile as much as they want to explore your resume, so make sure you include a link in your contact information up top. This also makes it easy for recruiters to explore and share your profile with potential employers. We recommend creating a custom URL, which you can easily do in your LinkedIn settings.

Pay attention to the design.

If you’re applying to a position in the design, art or influencer spaces, then there’s some leeway as far as the types of creative fonts and colors that you use. Otherwise, it’s best to keep it simple. Go for a clean, professional design that doesn’t stray too far from your standard colors or fonts. You want to keep the attention on your skills and not the flash (or distracting) design of your document.

Remember that consistency is key.

The devil is in the details when it comes to formatting. Make sure that your bullets are all the same type and alignment remains the same throughout your resume. One tip is to use format painter to ensure all spacing and font styles remain the same under each title and job description. It may seem tedious, but uniformity and attention to detail stand out to hiring managers. To them, that consistency and ability to deliver on the details is a reflection of how you will handle yourself in the workplace.

Put in extra effort for each position.

There are some points you can carry over from resume to resume, regardless of which position you’re applying for, but it’s important that you leave room for customization. For example, you can re-order the bullets under each position so that relevant information is at the top. You can also re-word select bullets to reflect the position to which you’re applying. Tailoring that information helps potential employers know you possess the skills and experience to step into the role they’re advertising. Otherwise, even if you have the skills they want, they’ll be easier to overlook.

Include the essential details.

Make sure you always include the correct dates and your titles for each position you’ve held. Although it can be a chore, it’s important that you get those details correct. When hiring managers call to verify your employment, those dates are critical.

Keep it concise + professional.

Unless you have 20+ years of experience, you should not have a 5-page resume. Most of the time, it’s important to keep it to 2-3 pages max. It’s also important to maintain a high level of professionalism in your resume, which means never using the word “I” or using company job descriptions for your positions. Customize it yourself with personal tasks and accomplishments, so potential employers will know more about you and not solely the positions you’ve held.

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