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Top 3 Reasons Your Offer Gets Turned Down

Hiring Manager, have you struggled to get candidates to accept your offer? Below are three of the most common reasons why a candidate with competing offers will turn yours down. 

– Salary: In this market, we find that the companies that recognize the demand of this skill set; realize that not every developer should make the same amount of money; and are willing to increase a candidate’s salary by $5-10K, typically land the candidate if all of the other “boxes are checked”. We find many clients refuse to increase pay, or pay what the other companies in this market are willing to pay. They want people that “want” to work there, and aren’t after a larger paycheck. While you’ll find a small minority of candidates willing to drop their salaries, the majority are getting 3-5 competing offers during their search. Be willing to stretch for a super star and you’ll have a better opportunity of getting them.

– Poor work environment: I would say that over 50% of the companies we work with over the past few years have invested money into their work environment. From standing desks, to new computers, to the break room being stocked with snacks and goodies. If your work environment is “dungeon like”, with no natural light, old big cubicles and low energy; you’ll find the best developers passing on the opportunity. You don’t need to have every “Google” perk, but you do want to create a great work environment where people want to spend their days. 

– Unwilling to make a personal connection: One of the BEST things you can do for a developer that is on the fence between two companies is to reach out with a personal call in the offer stage. We have about a 90% success rate with closing a candidate with competing offers if the hiring manager personally calls or meets the candidate for lunch. It gives such an extra personal touch and can easily lieu the candidate to your company. What is shocking to us is when a manager has the opposite reaction and essentially feels that if the candidate is considering another offer that they don’t even want them anyway. In fact, they rush the candidate decision making timeline. 

That being said, remember that the number one reason people stay at their companies is because they enjoy the work they do. So a great product, new technology and exciting work can lieu them to your team as well!

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