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Welcome to VIA Technical!

I am delighted to introduce VIA Technical, LLC.

Establishing this company has been a goal for many years. In fact, when I was just 5 years old, I was often asked what I wanted to be when I grew up. “An entrepreneur,” I responded proudly. You see my dad was an entrepreneur who ran many companies, so that’s the lifestyle I knew.

Fast forward to college graduation: based on my resume I received a call to be interviewed for the position of “technical recruiter,” which was posted on I remember canceling the scheduled interview the day before because I thought technology was not a field I wanted to pursue. That was mid-2005.

Thankfully I rescheduled the interview and the rest is history. Before long, I felt at home in the industry, and realized this was my calling. At the same time, “High Tech” zoomed from a niche market to a central driver of the global economy. Staffing and recruiting grew to become a vibrant aspect of the contracting and hiring processes.

I experienced success as a recruiter, account executive, branch manager, and managing partner; and I realized I wanted to lead my own firm. I loved what I did; and with so many strategies, ideas, and goals for our clients and candidates, I needed to be in a position where I could drive innovative initiatives on my own.

Those who know me well see I am passionate about recruiting. One reason is that, ultimately, my day-to-day decisions (and those of my team) affect people’s lives. The right staffing decision can change the trajectory of a company. The proper environment can tap the underlying potential that a candidate may not even know he or she has. Making smart connections changes lives.

Every day, I care deeply about the people who make up my business – whether it’s the staff I lead, the contractors working for VIA Technical, the direct hire candidates we place, or the companies for whom we hire. Every decision we make at VIA Technical affects the livelihood of those we come in contact with and the growth and success of a wide variety of businesses. Yes, this industry can be demanding and stressful, but it is the potential to make a difference – by virtue of every person we place and every company we serve – that drives me.

I trust that VIA Technical will change the lives of those we encounter, catapult my employees to success, and make a difference in our community. Through our hires, I look forward to continuing to strengthen San Diego’s dynamic economy and increasingly pivotal role in the global economy.

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