Bio-Tech Case Study


One of the largest Bio-Tech Companies in the world was struggling to find top tier technical talent for their IT/Infrastructure and R&D Teams.  This specific company hired three of the largest, international staffing providers to help solve their shortfall in their technical talent.  However, these large companies used offshore recruiting resources to source talent in the United States, coupled with the fact that none of these firms had relationships at the local level. They were transactional focused when sourcing talent. This works when you are staffing for construction or healthcare, but not for high-end technical talent. 


That is where we came in.  We did this by following our process of relationship, relationship, relationship.  We were able to fill a few critical roles for the R&D teams and have since filled roles across a dozen other departments. When you are sourcing high end technical talent, candidates don’t put their resume on the market.  It is up to us to know when they are thinking of making a move, or coming off a contract OR how to sell them on a great opportunity. Given our access to significant source of technical talent, coupled with our ability to build relationships at the local level creates results. A large firm with massive recruiting centers in India, Russia, Pakistan or wherever can’t build relationships at the local level. That is why companies come to us.


This company hired us in March of 2021.  By the end of the year we became their #1 provider and trusted partner of technical talent for their contingent workforce across their entire GIS department.