About Us

We match talent with the perfect opportunity based on the company and candidates objectives and goals.

Creating successful connections between candidates and companies is not just about drawing the line between two dots. It’s about weighing personalities and education, skills and experience, job roles and company culture. It’s about knowing which candidates are searching for positions, and having enough insight into the inner workings of employers to know what they want and what type of experience they need.

That is what makes VIA Technical different.

We don’t just manage spreadsheets and databases – we manage relationships. And in our 17 years of experience, we’ve created quite a few. Our unique applicant screening process allows us to record vital information about the thousands of candidates we have sourced thus far. We know who is searching for a new position, their desired opportunity , and their expectations about salary/hourly rate, location, projects and technologies.

We know which companies are in the market looking for talent, what companies are offering – from salaries to benefits to perks – and we are experts in knowing all about company culture.

We ask the right questions and then make successful placements, and we don’t turn our backs once candidates have been placed.

Our role, as we see it, is to be available whenever you need us and to build relationships that continue to grow long after the first day on the job.

My Promise

At VIA Technical, my team and I have been able to cultivate relationships with thousands of candidates and companies over the past 17 years because of one reason – we put service first. My promise to you is that will remain central to who we are. We will continue to nurture our relationships, to be accessible when you need us, and to guide you through the process until everyone is satisfied.

2022 - Best of Staffing Awards

Clearly Rated's Best of Staffing is the nation’s only service excellence award for the staffing industry that leverages third party validated survey responses from employment agency clients and job seekers. The award program provides statistically valid and objective service quality benchmarks for the staffing industry, revealing which firms provide exceptionally high levels of service to their clients and job candidates.

Our expertise is well-known.

We never settle for second best. In addition to being named a “Top 100 Fastest Growing Private Company” by the San Diego Business Journal in 2015, 2016 & 2020, our team is composed of experts who continue to undergo training, ensuring their success at a perfect match.