There are many decisions to make when searching for a new position: whether to pursue contract vs. full-time work, remote vs. in-office, and the list goes on. One major factor to consider is whether you’re open to a position with a start-up or if you’d rather stick with the safety of corporate.
While some companies have found success in offering greater flexibility for its employees - including the ability to work from anywhere - others have found that more perks do not equal more success. So how do you turn the tables on turnover?
While the Great Resignation - the highest attrition wave to hit the U.S. job market in two decades - has resulted in an increased availability of tech talent, finding top talent is still hit or miss. If you’re searching for a top-tier candidate to fill a role at your company, here are 3 important tips to keep in mind.
Starting a new position can be overwhelming for a number of reasons. You’re adjusting to a new environment, learning new responsibilities and systems, and setting new rhythms for your day. When you’re finding your place at a new company - whether it’s part-time or full-time, in-office or remote - try to focus on these five things and you’ll set yourself up for success.
First impressions make all the difference, but unless you’re meeting prospective candidates face-to-face, many times a written job description is the only first impression they’ll have of your company.
Starting the search for a new position – or even thinking about pursuing new opportunities – can be a big move that requires a lot of preparation. In every case, connecting with a professional recruiter can help make the process more efficient and fruitful for you.