Contractor FAQ

When is my first paycheck?

For W2 employees, you get paid every Friday; and your first check will be paid on the Friday of the 2nd week of your work.

When should I log my hours?

Please log your weekly hours by Monday at 2 PM for the prior week (Work week is Monday through Sunday).  For any questions on logging hours, please contact Angel Slaughter at

How do I handle overtime? Can I work OT?

Please make sure you receive approval from your Manager before working OT. If you do work OT, please mark it on your timesheet.

Can I work remote?

We suggest you have this conversation with your direct Manager.

How do I handle sick time?

Please email our People Operations Lead, Angel at for more information or to notify of sick time.

How do I handle time off requests?

Please get the time off approved by your manager, and then notify our People Operations Lead, Angel Slaughter, at

Am I paid biweekly or weekly?

You are paid weekly.

When can I use my PTO?

There is no PTO.

What is the dress code?

We suggest you dress business professional until you see what the standard dress code is for your team/department.

How can I see my paystubs – Paylocity info

After your first payweek, you’ll be able to access your Paylocity login for things like paystubs, tax forms, etc.  You can also update your withholding /deductions and change your address.  Our company number is 18524.