Contractor FAQ

When is my first paycheck?

For W2 employees, you get paid every Friday; and your first check will be paid on the Friday of the 2nd week of your work.

When should I log my hours?

Please log your weekly hours by Monday at 10 AM for the prior week (Work week is Monday through Sunday).  For any questions on logging hours, please contact Angel Slaughter at

How do I handle overtime? Can I work OT?

Please make sure you receive approval from your Manager before working OT. If you do work OT, please mark it on your timesheet.

Can I work remote?

We suggest you have this conversation with your direct Manager.

How do I handle sick time?

Please email our People Operations Lead, Angel at for more information or to notify of sick time.

How do I handle time off requests?

Please get the time off approved by your manager, and then notify our People Operations Lead, Angel Slaughter, at

Am I paid biweekly or weekly?

You are paid weekly.

When can I use my PTO?

There is no PTO.

What is the dress code?

We suggest you dress business professional until you see what the standard dress code is for your team/department.

How can I see my paystubs – Paylocity info

After your first payweek, you’ll be able to access your Paylocity login for things like paystubs, tax forms, etc.  You can also update your withholding /deductions and change your address.  Our company number is 18524.