Pharmaceutical Case Study


A large pharmaceutical company was in the process of being purchased by an even larger pharmaceutical company.  People within this organization were leaving because of redundancy or fear of being laid off. Given the tight labor market in tech, employees want to look for “greener pastures.” We were called in to help augment their IT support and infrastructure teams.


We immediately went to work looking for specific contractors that could provide support in their IT department.  These professionals needed to be able to manage and merge two different systems, have great people skills, and be able to work on a short term basis.  This required us to dig into talent not only at the local level but on a national basis as well.


What began as a requirement for two people soon grew to several.  This organization trusted us to come through for them and we did.  We provided top technical talent for their IT department and their critical infrastructure teams.  Top technical talent that did not mind taking short term contracts and had great people skills.  This client eventually allowed us to work on other roles and staff for their other teams.