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4 Tips Every Hiring Manager Needs to Know

1. Know that for the right person, you’ll need to move quickly. There are far too many companies in town searching for the same .NET or Java Developer as you are. Approximately 50% of our clients will be able to interview and turn an offer around in roughly 1 week. They need and want that person and they will make it happen. If your process is too slow or has a 5-8-hour coding test, chances are you could lose the opportunity to hire that person.

2. Present a salary that is commensurate to the skills of the person, not a general salary for all “senior” developers. It’s just a fact that money talks. It’s not that they generally chase money but we’ve heard so often – “If the offer came in a little higher than the others, it shows me the really want me”. It makes people feel good. It gives them an extra punch. I’m talking a couple thousand, not tens of thousands.

3. Work with only a couple good agencies. Why? There are more reasons than I could name in this article, but a good staffing agency focuses on quality and fillable positions with true partners. Partners put trust in us to deliver the person in a reasonable time. We’re not one of 10 but we are hired to get the job done and we will ensure we do – and our recruiters will bend over backwards when they know our clients are invested in us. It’s amazing what a recruiter will do when they are valued by the client.

4. When it comes to offer time, managers, pick up the phone and call the candidate. I’ve heard – “that’s your job”. Well of course it is. We will work every tactic to close the deal, but there is absolutely nothing like a personal call from the hiring manager telling that candidate that they are so excited to have them on board. Many of our placements that close have this happen. Yes, we are hired to get you the person and close the deal for you, but this person doesn’t work for VIA. They work for YOU. A personal touch goes a long way.

If you’re struggling to find the right talent, or can’t seem to “close the deal”, call us for a consultation. We would love to help you solve your problems.

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