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4 Ways to Set Yourself Apart from Other Job Candidates

While the tech market continues to boom for job seekers, positions are not necessarily coming easily. Despite 10 million openings currently in the field, and a continued shortage of good talent, there’s still a lot of competition among qualified candidates. 

The rise of remote work has opened up talent fields, prompting candidates from all over to apply for positions with more flexibility, higher pay, and employee perks – regardless of location. In a hot market like 2022, separating yourself from the crowd is critical.

Here are 4 ways you can (and should) set yourself apart from other candidates in your field:

Look good on paper. Before you start searching – and certainly before you apply for any positions – make sure you update your resume and your LinkedIn profile. Give your entire profile a thorough review, including specifics wherever possible. Go beyond simply listing the tools you’ve used in each of your positions and get specific by describing how you used those tools and what you were able to achieve.

Stay flexible. Sometimes making yourself available can go a long way when you’re stacked against other candidates. Stay active in the hiring process, making yourself as available as possible for interviews. The quicker the process, the easier for all parties involved – and if it’s more efficient for the company, it won’t go unnoticed.

Show your excitement. Showing your appreciation and excitement for a position is an easy way to separate yourself from the pack. A lot of candidates focus on their technical skills and other reasons why they would be an asset to teams; they forget about simply showing passion for the role. Being eager and allowing yourself to express excitement can truly help you stand out.

Lead with gratitude. Never underestimate the impact of sending a thank you email or handwritten note following interviews. Going the extra mile to show a potential employer you appreciate their time is not something everyone does. Sending over professional and character references ahead of time can also help you gain favor over the competition.

Oftentimes, getting noticed takes personality and creativity – not necessarily extra skills or experience in the field. If you want to take advantage of the market right now and land a position you want, lean into the perks of your personality as much as you do your skillset.

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