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Building the Right Team

With a combined 30 years of professional work experience, we have witnessed or have been a part of 100’s of teams.  There is a common theme throughout these highly functional “tight” teams that guide them. That theme is derived from the values of each team member, fostered and guided by leadership, and reinforced by the daily actions of each member.

At VIA technical, one of our themes is to show-up and “get a little bit better every day” –Jim Harbaugh. We want to move the needle and improve in some form.  The ultimate goal is improvement for ourselves, our company, and our clients.

In the fast-paced environment of technical recruiting, cohesion and unity of a team is essential to delivering for our clients.  Companies put so much time and effort in recruiting individuals by using “perks” such as:  unlimited PTO, office snacks/lunches, remote work or “cool/creative” office space. While these are nice incentives, people who really value a team atmosphere will not place as much weight in these things. In fact, we have found, through thousands of interviews, that most people in searching for new opportunities, want to be a part of a tight, hardworking team where they see their work actually making a difference. Companies who just use “perks” as their recruiting tool are actually focused on what the company can do for an individual, instead of focusing on how this individual can add value to the core of the business: the team.

It goes without saying that in growing a successful company, the most critical component is hiring the right people. One bad hire can cost you a significant amount of money (both current and future earnings), throw off the daily ‘mood’ and make you compromise on the very values that built your vision.

So what’s the first step to interviewing and building your team?

Spend some time reflecting on your values.  These are a set of guiding principles you have had with you your entire life.  Ask the simple question, “what do I believe”? Is it work ethic?  Honesty? Compassion? Competition? Whatever it is, write it down.  Then simply find people that hold most or all of the same values you do with the skill sets you’re looking for. Once you have two or more people (including yourself) you have a team.  Now create your theme and whatever you do, do not compromise the values that compose it.

At VIA Technical we are proud of the team environment, created by the individuals that support one another while improving themselves daily.

Go Team!

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