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Every month our Technical Recruiters are speaking with hundreds of candidates that are actively or passively looking in the San Diego tech job market. Remote work, flex hours and salary range are some of the top questions candidates have for us when determining a job change or considering a new opportunity. While salaries remained consistent from 2017 to 2018 with approximately 80% of our clients; we did see a shift upward to a much higher salary range for those same skill sets in the other 20%.  In order to secure the top talent when competing with the tech giants entering the market, such as Amazon, companies need to either pay comparable salaries and/or bridge the gap with incentives not based on compensation (remote work, flex hours, etc..).

Interestingly enough the DICE 2019 Tech Salary Report/Survey came out last week and essentially stated the same thing.

You can find the link to this report below.

Some highlights include:

47% of Tech Professionals surveyed said they’d change employers to seek better working conditions (outside of better compensation) to include remote work, flex hours, training and continuing education.

San Diego ranked 3rd out of 24 cities offering the highest tech salaries, but fell to 17th out of 24 when these salaries were adjusted to the cost of living.

35% of Tech Professionals surveyed say they are “burnt out” from their current job.  The top three factors contributing to “burn out” include lack of recognition (36%), Workload (35%), and Monotony (28%).

Aerospace and Defense continue to be the industry that offers the highest Tech salaries followed by Energy, and Banking/Finance.

Link is HERE for the full report.

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