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Offshore Recruiting vs. Onshore Recruiting: Why Using a Local Recruiter is a Better Bargain in the Long Run

Local companies offshore recruitment for the same reason they offshore jobs - cost.

But while relying on a foreign agency to find you a position or a candidate may require less investment up front, it often leads to greater cost later on - namely in the form of time or onboarding that comes with securing the wrong talent for the wrong job.

Here are the pros and cons of leaving employment up to recruiters far outside of your market area.


  • The number one reason companies leave recruiting up to offshore agencies is cost. Foreign markets offer much less expensive labor all around - they have fewer regulations and responsibilities so they can charge less for their services.

  • Offshore recruiters used to working globally may also possess a slightly wider knowledge base of foreign markets. They may be able to cast a wider net, but their knowledge certainly does not run as deep as local recruiters.


  • While cost may be the number one benefit of working with an offshore recruiter, quality is the number one con. Unlike onshore, U.S.-based recruiting firms, offshore agencies do not maintain the same level of quality control when it comes to seeking out qualified talent or employment.
    Onshore agencies also know who they are doing business with at all times - they’ve built relationships in their market, and rely on networks that run both wide and deep. Local recruiters drive deals that utilize those relationships. They communicate clearly with candidates and employers, and they know their reputation depends on the delivery of every stage of the engagement.

  • Unlike offshore recruiting, which often bases their business models on cost and not quality, onshore recruiters know their network is everything. They offer high-touch, high-service business that keeps local firms and candidates coming back. Offshore recruiters, however, thrive on low-touch, low-service, business. They know their best selling point is low cost and nothing more.

If cost is your only concern, take caution. Saving money up front may be attractive, but it often means sacrificing time, candidate quality, and control. Ultimately, when it comes to finding candidates or positions with staying power, you want someone in your corner who knows the business and the market you’re in - not one a world away.

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