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Proven Ways To Speed Up Your Hiring Process

In a job market where qualified talent is already difficult to find, time is of the essence – especially for candidates who are working full time and managing families while interviewing for multiple positions. In order to ensure good talent doesn’t move on before you seal the deal, you may need to consider streamlining your hiring process.

Here are some proven ways you can move faster and make sure you land the right candidate in record time:

Cut the fat from your feedback process.

Traditionally, the hiring process in tech incorporates take-home assignments, at least four interview steps, and waiting periods of 24 to 48 hours where employers can offer feedback. Nowadays, that timeline can cause candidates to lose interest or accept other offers while they’re waiting. Consider consolidating the interview process or asking managers to significantly shorten the time needed to offer feedback. According to a 2021 study from LinkedIn, hiring in IT takes an average of 44 days, but ideally, that period should be much quicker.

Timeblock your interviews.

If more than one person needs to interview candidates, consider offering timeblocks so multiple people can speak with a candidate consecutively. If that’s not possible, try to incorporate questions from multiple levels of leadership into one session or add multiple managers onto one Zoom call for face-time with a candidate. If a panel interview is part of your hiring process and there is urgency to fill a role, try to sync up with your interview panel and align calendars to put aside time in the week for interviews.

Get the budget approved ahead of time.

You should have a general salary range – and the budget – approved before you start considering candidates. That means you have a general idea of what you can accommodate as far as salary and you can pull the trigger immediately if a candidate counter offers. It’s critical that legwork is done – and 100% approved – before you send positions out to be worked on. Otherwise you’ll waste valuable time on the back end that could jeopardize landing an  ideal candidate.

Be flexible with qualifications.

Holding out for a unicorn candidate at a below-market rate will not end in success. You have to work with your partners – experts who are talking to talent – and consult with them about what qualifications are must-have and what you’re able to bend on. At VIA, we make sure to share market knowledge and consult hiring managers on the best way to identify qualified candidates if your requirements are shooting too high. In a candidate’s market, it’s imperative to be realistic with rates and requirements.

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