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Startup Versus Corporate Job: What's Better For You?

There are many decisions to make when searching for a new position: whether to pursue contract vs. full-time work, remote vs. in-office, and the list goes on. One major factor to consider is whether you’re open to a position with a start-up or if you’d rather stick with the safety of corporate.

Here are a few factors to weigh that may help you pursue the right fit:

Unique Benefits

If you’re looking for non-traditional benefits like wellness stipends, paid time off for volunteer service, flexibility to work from home, or even unlimited PTO, the corporate life may not be for you. Although some larger companies have begun offering employees more flexibility, start-ups are much more likely to offer non-traditional benefits. In some cases, you can even suggest your own once you’re in the negotiation stage. Even if it hasn’t been done before, start-ups will give you much more leeway when it comes to benefits than a corporate employer.


Corporate jobs provide much more structure, formality and consistency when it comes to day-to-day predictability. Start-ups, however, tend to defer to a much more chaotic, hectic atmosphere. There are times when you may not know what you’re walking into each day. If you’re not comfortable with a constantly changing work day, corporate may be a better option for you.


For obvious reasons, corporate positions offer more long-term stability. They are often more financially sound than start-ups, which are growing and dependent on the success of their products or buy-in from customers. Larger companies don’t depend on rounds of capital like their newer, smaller counterparts. So if stability is what you’re craving, corporate positions may be more favorable.

Meaning + Purpose

If meaning and purpose in your work are important to you, start-ups may be the way to go. The work that larger companies do is important, but you’re much more likely to feel like a cog in the wheel than you are the steering wheel. At start-ups, oftentimes the work you do offers immediate satisfaction - whereas with corporate jobs you don’t have the same level of personal purpose. If you care about making a difference and even seeing your work come full circle, start-ups are oftentimes a better option.


If you want an intimate work environment, then start-ups are going to be much more favorable. And if you’d rather not stand out in a crowd or if you prefer to be seen as a “number,” the corporate route is the way to go.

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