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How to Create Job Descriptions That Attract the Perfect Candidates

First impressions make all the difference, but unless you’re meeting prospective candidates face-to-face, many times a written job description is the only first impression they’ll have of your company.

Here are a few tips you can use to create job descriptions that attract top talent, ultimately saving you time and giving qualified candidates the insight – and motivation – they need to apply.

Include information about your company – not just the position.

Nowadays, finding a good culture fit is as important to candidates as matching their skill set to your needs or having access to perks like health care and vacation days. Make sure to include a paragraph that gives information about what it’s like to work for your company – insight about values, why co-workers stick around, and what they can look forward to as a member of the team.

Clear is kind.

The more details you can add into your job description, the better. Candidates aren’t going to bother submitting their information if they don’t know whether a position is remote, contract or full time, or if they’re unsure whether out-of-town travel is part of the deal. Providing all the information candidates will need to make an educated decision will help weed out those who are disinterested – which saves time as it ensures you’re getting top candidates in the pool.

Use key search terms.

When you’re posting the job, make sure you’re including key search terms that candidates use to find jobs in their field. Do a quick Google search and check out LinkedIn as well as other job posting sites for help determining what to include. Making sure your description is visible plays a key role in attracting the right candidates.

Don’t shy away from salary.

Including details about compensation can help candidates weed out which jobs don’t fulfill their requirements. It also gives them a good idea of pay scales and whether they can grow with your company in the future. Before you incorporate a salary range in your description, do your research. Compare pay with similar positions in your market by checking other job posting sites and even the Department of Labor. That will give you a better idea of what you should be offering for the position.

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