As we mentioned in our last post, Building the Right Team, surrounding yourself with the right team is crucial for any manager or business owner. With capable people in the right roles, your company can run like a well-oiled machine. Ideally, your people work well together and lift each other up — creating a team that’s greater than the sum of its parts.
With a combined 30 years of professional work experience, we have witnessed or have been a part of 100’s of teams.  There is a common theme throughout these highly functional “tight” teams that guide them. That theme is derived from the values of each team member, fostered and guided by leadership, and reinforced by the daily actions of each member.
Every month our Technical Recruiters are speaking with hundreds of candidates that are actively or passively looking in the San Diego tech job market.   Remote work, flex hours and salary range are some of the top questions candidates have for us when determining a job change or considering a new opportunity.
How to hire the Developer that you really need...
Jessica Bailey has been a Tech Recruiter for going on 5 years. Read on to learn why she is passionate about what she does.
Are you looking for a way to learn or better your technical skills?  Below are some great resources for you.  From Dev Bootcamps to certifications and additional training and resources...