While the Great Resignation - the highest attrition wave to hit the U.S. job market in two decades - has resulted in an increased availability of tech talent, finding top talent is still hit or miss. If you’re searching for a top-tier candidate to fill a role at your company, here are 3 important tips to keep in mind.
Starting a new position can be overwhelming for a number of reasons. You’re adjusting to a new environment, learning new responsibilities and systems, and setting new rhythms for your day. When you’re finding your place at a new company - whether it’s part-time or full-time, in-office or remote - try to focus on these five things and you’ll set yourself up for success.
First impressions make all the difference, but unless you’re meeting prospective candidates face-to-face, many times a written job description is the only first impression they’ll have of your company.
Starting the search for a new position – or even thinking about pursuing new opportunities – can be a big move that requires a lot of preparation. In every case, connecting with a professional recruiter can help make the process more efficient and fruitful for you.
Leaving a position can be difficult for many reasons: loyalty to an employer, attachment to your team, even uncertainty surrounding the job search. Regardless of those difficulties, however, it’s better to recognize early when it’s time to move on. Staying too long can result in leaving on bad terms, which no professional needs to do.
There’s often negative stigma associated with candidates who have employment gaps on their resume. Skipping over qualified candidates because of those gaps, however, could be a significant mistake in today’s world where talent is in high demand.