Meet the Team

Haley Lewis

Senior Technical Recruiter


Monterey Bay, California


Bachelor’s degree, Psychology – CSU Monterey Bay

What do you love about Recruiting and your work at VIA Technical?

When I got into recruiting out of college, I thought it would be a perfect type of role for me as it combines relationship building while also keeping you on your toes. Coming from working as a Server and Bartender throughout college, I felt like I needed a position that still had me in that fast-paced type of environment. Now that I have been in recruiting for a handful of years, what I really love is the constant learning. In an agency environment, I get to hear about all sorts of companies from enterprise to startups and various types of technical roles. Even years in, I am learning about new technologies, new positions, new types of platforms and it keeps things interesting. Every day is a bit of a puzzle, and when you match someone with the right type of position, it’s not only a win literally, but also an intrinsic reward to have found the right puzzle piece. I especially love when people are really excited about an opportunity, there is nothing better than delivering that news and making someone’s day.

What are your Passions/Interests?

One of my biggest passions is human development and psychology. I am frequently listening to podcasts centered around that and is a huge interest of mine. I think learning more about yourself and why we are the way we are is not only interesting but provides a lot of helpful tools for you to navigate all that life throws at you.

What is your favorite thing to do or place to go in San Diego?

One of my favorite places to go to in San Diego is Sunset Cliffs. My husband and I will grab a burrito or pizza and sit on a cliff and just hang out there; it’s so beautiful! A top place I will show visitors too when I want to show off our beautiful city. San Diego is also filled with great restaurants and trying out new ones with my girlfriends is also high on my list of favorite things to do here!

Insights by Haley Lewis