Meet the Team

Brianna Stevens

Account Executive


Born in Palm Springs and raised in beautiful Joshua Tree, California


BA in Psychology, San Diego State University

What do you love about Recruiting and your work at VIA Technical?

I’m passionate about recruiting because it allows me to build meaningful connections, understand my clients’ unique needs, and tailor solutions that foster mutual success. Working at VIA Technical is particularly rewarding because we prioritize genuine relationships over mere transactions. Here, it’s about creating value for our partners, driving innovation, and ultimately, empowering our clients to thrive in a dynamic market.

What are your Passions/Interests?

Outside of my sales role, I am deeply passionate about exploring the great outdoors through hiking and camping adventures. I enjoy the serenity of nature! I also cultivate my creative side through oil painting and find inspiration in the pages of a good book. I am constantly seeking ways to grow personally and professionally. Above all, I treasure the time I spend with my family and my beloved Maltipoo dog, Ruby, who brings constant happiness to my life.

What is your favorite thing to do or place to go in San Diego?

I can often be found soaking up the sun at the beach, browsing at the farmers market, or enjoying the flavors of local wine and oysters. I love spontaneous day trips to nearby Mexico and attending live concerts with my friends.